Topics Covered

With more than 500 weddings filmed—yes, 500!—over the last 15 years, 31Films has narrowed in on the wedding stories they love to tell, and how to set up their business to tell them in profitable way.

All without sacrificing their vision.

Join us for our next Together Workshop, Wedding Filmmaking with 31Films, where they’ll share exactly how.

Here's what will be covered at this Together Workshop:

  • Finding clients who want what you uniquely offer—you.

  • Avoiding early career pitfalls, while still taking risks that will push you to grow.

  • Building a sustainable wedding business, including a pricing and packaging strategy that works—for you and your clients.

  • Creating an heirloom vs documenting an event, and how to find the perfect balance.

  • What gear to bring, what gear to leave at home, and what gear to skip buying in the first place.

  • Strategies for shooting, and how to leave a wedding with your story while creating an amazing experience for your clients.

  • Workflows for post, and how to keep your edit backlog at 0 (yes, no more backlog!).

  • And more.


February 22nd, 2017

Join in-person in Portland, Oregon, or stream the workshop LIVE from anywhere in the world.


31Films & Film Lab


31Films and Film Lab, are a collective of storytelling creatives with one goal in mind: making films that are fresh, genuine and effectively tailored for their clients—from cinematic wedding films to high-production commercial work.