Case Study Filmmaking Workshop

〰️  4 hours of storytelling training

〰️  Stream the live workshop online

〰️  Access to the workshop recording

〰️  Presenter slides download

〰️  Invite to private workshop FB Group

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Storytelling Workshops


〰️  12 hours of storytelling training

〰️  Includes Narrative Filmmaking with Seth Worley, and Documentary Filmmaking and Case Study Filmmaking with Patrick Moreau

〰️  Stream all 3 live workshops online

〰️  Access to all 3 workshop recordings

〰️  Presenter slides for all 3 workshops

〰️  Invite to private workshop FB Group

Interested in attending the Case Study Filmmaking Workshop live in person?

In addition to attending the workshop live in-person, these 10 exclusive spots include a personal story critique from Patrick Moreau, an invitation to our post workshop gathering, and time-coded transcripts of the workshop.

Click here to purchase an in-person workshop ticket for 199