Learn How To Develop and Deliver
Non-Narrative Films That Are Emotionally Moving And Drive Action


Gain a clear understanding of how to deliver emotionally moving non-narrative films that wow your clients and audiences.

〰️  What makes a non-narrative film moving and memorable

〰️  How to clarify your creative vision with confidence

〰️  Identifying and developing compelling characters that your audiences will connect with

〰️  Story Keywords, a powerful method for keeping you, your crew, and your clients aligned

〰️  Finding the most engaging story plot, and organizing your plot points for maximum impact

〰️  Bringing your story elements together into a single, cohesive, and emotionally moving film

Perfect For

This workshop is designed for filmmakers who tell stories about real people, including: Documentary, Wedding, Corporate, Faith-based, Commercial (Branded Content), and Non-profit Filmmakers

Presented By

Patrick Moreau is quite literally obsessed with story. And so he spends his days telling stories through his filmmaking at Stillmotion and helping others be empowered by story through their Muse storytelling process.
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Non-Narrative Storytelling Workshop

〰️  4+ Hours Storytelling you craft emotionally moving films with real people

〰️  Presenter you can follow along and reference presented concepts

〰️  Community you can continue your education and meet fellow filmmakers