Learn How To Make Narrative Films —
From Idea, To Screenplay, To Set


Gain a clear understanding of the narrative storytelling and filmmaking process, going from idea to set.

〰️  Identifying stories worth telling

〰️  What makes your specific point of view special

〰️  Growing your ideas into short film screenplays

〰️  Cultivating a clear and concise aesthetic vision for your films

〰️  Communicating your vision to crews

〰️  Navigating cast and crew relationships on set

〰️  Getting the most from your actors

〰️  Embracing and exploiting inevitable problems that will arise

〰️  Capturing footage that looks more expensive than it costs to produce

This workshop is Perfect For

This workshop is designed for filmmakers who tell, or are interested in telling, narrative-based stories, including: Short films, Feature-length films, Commercials, Music videos, and Scripted-based work

Presented By seth worley


Known for his widely successful short films and commercial work, Los Angeles-based Seth Worley has developed a reputation as a resourceful and versatile filmmaker with a unique and commercial voice, confident across multiple genres.
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Narrative Filmmaking Workshop

〰️  (4+ Hours) Narrative Filmmaking you create films with your unique perspective,
from idea, to screenplay, to crew, to set

〰️  Presenter you can follow along and reference presented concepts

〰️  Community you can continue your education and meet fellow filmmakers