How To Start and Grow A Podcast


Gain a clear understanding of the motivations, technical details, and business of podcasting.

〰️  Why there has never been a better time to start a podcast

〰️  The ins and outs of hosting, music licensing, sound design, mixing, apps, editing, and production value

〰️  How to capture your own voice in the most impactful way

〰️  Finding, developing, and editing compelling podcast stories

〰️  Demystifying the business of podcasting, including advertising and monetization

〰️  Growing your audience with outreach and press

〰️ And much more

Presented by dallas taylor

Dallas Taylor is a founder of Defacto Sound and the creator of Twenty Thousand Hertz, a podcast about the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

Twenty Thousand Hertz has been featured on NPR One, 99% Invisible, iTunes, and most popular podcast apps.


Podcasting Workshop

〰️  (4+ Hours) Podcast Training with Dallas Taylor from Twenty Thousand Hertz...so you can start, run, a grow podcast

〰️  Presenter Slides...so you can follow along and reference presented concepts

〰️  Community Access...so you can continue your education and meet fellow storytellers