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3 Interactive Storytelling Workshops
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Learn How To Develop And Deliver Emotionally Moving Non-Narrative Films That Drive Action

Learn How To Make Narrative Films In Your Unique Voice—From Idea, To Screenplay, To Set

Learn How To Create Compelling Case Study Films That Stand Out, Emotionally Connect, And Convert

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Storytelling Workshops
Bundle (Online)

〰️  12 hours of storytelling and filmmaking training

〰️  Learn from storytelling experts Patrick Moreau and Seth Worley

〰️  Stream all 3 live and interactive workshops online from anywhere in the world

〰️  Access to all 3 workshop recordings

〰️  Presenter slides for all 3 workshops

〰️  Invite to private workshop FB Group

The bundle is no longer available for purchase

what filmmakers are saying

“If you're serious about this being your passion, the workshops offer a wealth of information to help you become better at what you love to do.”—Billy Dowling
“The workshops are a professional and inexpensive way to learn your craft.”—Sharon Spangler
 "The workshops will make you question all of your decisions and ultimately make you a better filmmaker, entrepreneur, and storyteller.”—Matthew Lee Moore
“It's not often you're going to get an in-depth opportunity to learn from filmmakers who are really doing great work, and really care about helping you get better."—Braden Dragomir