What Filmmakers Are Saying

“It's so affordable compared to other workshops of the same or even lesser caliber and I can't stress how much you take away from the workshop. Besides the amazing program you gain access to a community which is rare to find. A friendly and helpful filmmaking community full of like minded people.”—Hovig Kazandjian

“If you're serious about this being your passion, the workshops offer a wealth of information to help you become better at what you love to do.”—Billy Dowling

“At the end of the day, money is just money. Any experiences that you can gain from working with others is worth more than money.”—Sean Conley

“Go for it. The workshops will make you question all of your decisions and ultimately make you a better filmmaker, entrepreneur, and storyteller. You and your clients will both benefit from the knowledge you will learn.”—Matthew Lee Moore

“I think in this field, there are a lot of opinions with very little credentials. Having someone say "we did x for x and we used x" is really helpful.”—Steve Pearson

“The workshops are a professional and inexpensive way to learn your craft.”—Sharon Spangler

“The presenters that are invited to speak have years of experience and are always willing to share what they know. The live stream video is perfect for attendees who can't make the trek up to Portland, OR, however if you can make it to Portland do it; the food, beer and people are authentic”—Frank Garcia

“I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and even if you already know a lot about the industry it can only benefit you hearing lessons learned from another successful person in the industry.”—Scott Dossey

“It's not often you're going to get an in-depth opportunity to learn from filmmakers who are really doing great work, and really care about helping you get better. The chance to learn and have your specific questions answered is something you should take advantage of."—Braden Dragomir

“I'd say it's worth it to be a part of the community on Facebook.”—Bryce